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BAYMAX Produces Its Products at World Standards...

As Baymax, we produce all of our products, especially our protective eyewear products, in accordance with European standards. With years of experience, we always provide our consumers with
We continue to offer products of the highest quality. You can obtain all the certificates of the product you will purchase from our sales representative or you can view our certificates by clicking on the link below.
The EC declaration of conformity is part of the CE certification process. These are the documents that state that the products that a company produces and that it wants to get CE certificate comply with the necessary technical regulations, regulations and standards. In order for the manufactured product to be CE certified, an EC declaration of conformity must be drawn up.

Information such as EC declaration of conformity, product design, test or analysis reports, reference standards, technical drawings, user manual, risk analysis can be created after preparation. This document must meet all the requirements of the directive on which the manufactured product is manufactured, with reference to it. In addition, it must be signed by the manufacturer company.

Applications for CE Certificate become official after the EC declaration of conformity is prepared and signed by the manufacturer. The manufacturer, signing the declaration, accepts that the product complies with the directives as stated in force and all the responsibilities required by this.


What is the EC Declaration of Conformity?

The EC declaration of conformity (Declaration of Conformity) is a document that the manufacturer or authorized representative has to sign to declare that the products it produces comply with EU requirements. This document states that the product in question does not contain any substance that would make consumer health and safety dangerous, it is functional but designed in accordance with its purpose. It also states that various examinations, analyzes and tests are carried out on the product before it goes on sale.The manufacturer who signs the EC declaration of conformity is also considered to have taken legal responsibility. There are various sanctions for manufacturers who are found to have made an inaccurate statement.The EC declaration of conformity is mandatory for every product covered by the CE marking regulation. Regardless of which safety directives it covers, an EC declaration of conformity for each product must be prepared. Even if a single product is covered by different directives, it is sufficient to create a single declaration.

What is the EC Certificate of Conformity?

The EC declaration of conformity is a document that completes CE certification. It is created after the technical file of the produced product is edited. A copy of the EC declaration of conformity must also be placed in the technical file. If there is no such declaration or if it is prepared incorrectly, the products produced can be withdrawn from the market; The producer can even be fined and imprisoned.
The EC declaration of conformity must be retained for ten years from the date the product is put on the market, unless another period is stipulated in the relevant CE standard. In addition, it must be issued in one of the officially recognized languages of the European Union.
The product must be translated into the language or languages of the EU country where it is sold.

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