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Turkey's Largest Protective Glasses Factory
​Baymax INC. was established in 2012 in Sancaktepe with the aim of wholesale hardware sales, in line with the experience and knowledge gained in the sector since 1995. For a long time, it has been the main dealer of the leading brands of the hardware sector and has realized the wholesale marketing and distribution throughout Turkey. Bayem Group, which started to take steps towards the production of Protective Glasses with the BAYMAX brand in 2018, continues its production, which started with 10 personnel, as the largest medical and protective glasses factory in Turkey and the nearby geography, with 150 personnel and 220 kinds of glasses production.
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Our Mission

To be an institution that brings a new dimension to the sector and is shown as an example at the international level by developing innovative and modern approaches that help improve the business quality of its customers.
  • Making National and International Investments
  • Developing Strong Customer Relationships
  • Not Compromising Trust and Integrity
  • Providing the Best Service and Quality

Our Vision

It is one of our basic principles to provide the level of quality that will meet the expectations of our customers and to absorb this at all levels of our understanding of production. Our goal is to rank high in the international market as the leading company in the Turkish market.
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As an organization that makes significant contributions to the country's economy, is aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and society, and has fulfilled the requirements of quality and technology, our goal is to ensure the continuous satisfaction of our customers.
To sustain our existence  The only condition is to provide our customers with products and services that will provide the highest benefit and to make them choose us. All of our employees see each other as customers and are based on zero error and continuous improvement.
We support and encourage the development of our personnel, being aware of the fact that the full satisfaction of our customers passes through the happiness and satisfaction of our employees.
Working in mutual cooperation and trust with the companies that provide us with products and services, reducing our costs, increasing our efficiency and long-term profitability is the only way to secure our future.
In this context, our aim is to adopt Total Quality Management and fulfill its requirements in order to systematically and regularly raise quality awareness in all fields of activity and service units.  Realization of Total Quality Management is our duty and obligation as Baymax employees.
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