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CE Test Report

We see CE marking on many products in free circulation in the European Economic Area (EEA).
This mark, which stands for "European Conformity", means that products sold within the community are inspected and evaluated according to minimum safety, health and environmental protection requirements. It is possible to see the CE mark on a new telephone, television or any product purchased within the European Community.
CE marking also expresses fair competition conditions by making it compulsory for all manufacturing companies to be accountable and to comply with the same rules.
The general rules regarding the free movement of products are explained in detail in the document "COMMISSION NOTICE The 'Blue Guide' on the Implementation of EU Products Rules 2016".

Baymax safety glasses have a test report. It has been checked in many areas such as various burning, collision, scratching and approved by the European Commission. You can request the reports of the product you want to buy from our sales representative or you can check our quality documents page from the link below.


The main feature of EU regulations is that products that can carry the CE mark are limited to basic norms that reveal advanced health and safety requirements. The basic requirements refer to the hazards already inherent in the product, so manufacturers should complete the risk analyzes and keep them in their technical files if they are not included in the harmonized standards they use.

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